How to Choose your Wedding Stationery

1. Themes and Styles

Your wedding invitations set the scene for your big day, they create an important first impression for your guests. They should match how you visualise your wedding style; glam, vintage, formal, bling, traditional, etc. It is highly recommended that you aim for consistency, all your stationery items should match (invitations, ceremony stationery, reception stationery),  it's also good if they match the style of the wedding too! Don’t worry if you’re reading this and you don’t have a ‘theme’, this usually evolves as you plan, pin and shop!

2. Colours
One of the most difficult choices! As we have created wedding stationery for brides from African, Indian, Spanish and French heritage, it is entirely down to the local or cultural traditions.

Here in Northern Ireland, traditionally we don't use the bridesmaid colour on the stationery as this is kept secret from the guests until the day of the wedding. England, Scotland, Wales and Republic of Ireland opt to do the opposite, they put a little of the colour on their stationery, like a ribbon or the colour of the text. If you're not one for traditions, they can be whatever colour you like!

The base colour normally matches the brides dress, (ivory, quartz, white) but again this doesn't mean that you HAVE to pick this card! For example if you want ruby red invitations with gold foiling and ivory inserts because it's a winter wedding, you can have that too! It's purely what you like. The text for all the information must always be easy to read (black, navy, charcoal or other dark colours would be best).

3. Materials
The card and paper that we use is measured in grams (gsm), the higher the number the heavier the card although this doesnt always effect the thickness of the card! For exampl, office printer paper is normally 80gsm, the heaviest printable card we use is 350gsm. For specialist invitations like the Jane we could use up to 700gsm as these are letterpressed or foiled, but not printed. For paper we prefer 120gsm for envelopes and inserts. There are different types of finishes for paper and card too!  Pearlised finish is the most popular although matt and smooth finishes like star fine ivory are increasingly popular. Recently brown Kraft card has been a popular choice for  rustic weddings.

4. Wording
This is another big subject but again is more to do with what you like personally. The way it normally goes is 1. Who is Inviting? Is it the mother and father? Just the mother? Just the father? The bride and groom? The bride and groom together with their parents? It depends what looks good on the invitation and whether you want to go with traditional or a more modern effect. 

5. Who to invite
This is a very personal question to deal with which can cause heated discussions in the family! Most people will have numerical restrictions on their wedding either from the venue or for financial reasons. Of course you would love to be able to please everyone but that sometimes cant happen! One thing is for sure, and take it from us, order a few blank cards because no matter how prepared, there will always be someone you've forgotten about until the very last minute! 

Here is a practical tip; set up a spreadsheet with 2 columns. Fill column 1 with the names of every possible guest, column 2 will be your definite list. Move the names from column 1 to column 2 one at a time as you thrash it all out. Leave some room in column 2 for negotiation with your other family members!

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